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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do I need one or two hearing aids?
A: When hearing loss is present in both ears, two hearing aids are usually better than one. Wearing hearing aids in both ears is called a binaural fitting and it can help you figure out from which direction sounds are coming, and when listening in noise. Having a hearing aids in both ears is more effective for hearing speech in noisy environments.
+ How much does a hearing test cost?
A: The hearing assessment may be included in the price of the hearing aids or it may be priced separately. Ask your hearing healthcare professional.
+ Is financial assistance available for purchasing a hearing aid?
A:Some countries provide government support and coverage to help offset the cost of hearing aids and hearing evaluations. Ask your hearing healthcare professional if you are eligible for funding to help pay for the cost of your hearing aid(s).
+ What are the payment requirements?
A: Some hearing healthcare providers require a down payment before hearing aids are ordered.
+ Are post-fitting appointments included?
A:Follow-up appointments are important and it is not uncommon to require adjustments. Ask how many appointments are available and what those appointments include.

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